dy hardwoods
DY HardwoodsDY Hardwoods is located near Mount Eaton, Ohio. We are a family owned and operated company with over 20 years experience in the timber and lumber industry. DY Hardwoods's management team consists of three brothers, Dwane, Dave, and Mark Yoder. 

Log to Lumber Cycle:

Our logs are run through a Morbark debarker. The bark that is removed is made into mulch. The log is squared up on a Cleerman carriage. The squares then proceed to a 62" McDonough resaw, where they are run through. The boards then travel to a Pendu edger. After the edger, the lumber proceeeds to the lumber inspector and then on to a Knewman drop saw trimmer, where the ends are trimmed. The lumber then goes to the sorting deck where it is sorted by grade.  During this process our waste products are run through precision wood chippers. The end result is wood chips that are sent to the paper mill. The sawdust is collected and stored in bins and then sold to area farmers for bedding.
 After the lumber is produced, it either gets shipped green, to various places across the nation and in some cases overseas. Certain species and grades will go through our Ervington Moore sticker stacker machine. It will then be placed on the air drying yard and eventually into our dry kilns. Most of our kiln dried lumber is used in the local manufacturing of hardwood products, such as doors, hardwood floors, trim, and furniture.
Logging Operations:
We select harvest the timber using responsible forestry practices to promote and enhance future growth. We strive to minimize the impact on your land by making prudent decisions such as limiting logging activity in wet weather, as well as promoting proper drainage with the installation of water bars on the logging paths. We reseed all logging paths and landing sites upon completion of the harvest.
DY Hardwoods is a buyer of standing timber and land. We focus primarily on timber in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.